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THE UNITING POWER OF CONFLICT John Hoover's new book on conflict management takes a fresh look at conflict, not trying to manage it at all, but showing how conflict can become an asset in our lives. He shows us how to mine this often untapped resource using his baseball model. Baseball can be used to generate profound, creative results in any interaction, even when only one person knows the process. The model gives the person who is receiving the anger a distinct process to use, with steps to follow, to help them get through the stress of emotional conflict. When we handle conflict systematically using the Uniting Power of Conflict model, people feel more connected. The power is in the process.  Buy Book >>
THE ELDERS SPEAK "With grace and wisdom and insight, Ellison Mitchell and John Hoover have written an approachable book about a subject matter often shrouded in mystery. Their casual yet confident writing style invites the reader into their closed-door world; reading The Elders Speak is much like eavesdropping on two masters of the trade swapping stories over dinner from a lifetime in the field. But, perhaps, the greatest strength of the book lies in Mitchell and Hoover's willingness to expose their own search for psychological growth and awareness while helping patients do the same. The Elders Speak is laced with a vulnerability that makes every page reek with honesty."    —Russell Schaumburg, Screenwriter, Tennessee (Produced by Lee Daniels)

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